And then there were three

As part of our current effort to overhaul the system that supports LOPSA’s Mentorship Program (LMP), I’m going to write some basic status updates here. (Along with cross posting to the main discussion list.) Two LOPSA members — Scott Murphy and Matt Finnigan — have volunteered to form a team of three to oversee this…

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I think we should retire the LOPSA Gram

I think we should retire the LOPSA Gram email, and instead, spend that time putting up items on the LOPSA site. For example: It's my understanding that not everyone bothers to be on/read this email list, so there are people who don't yet know that we have two new board members. And, I wonder how…

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LOPSA social media 9 months in

In June 2014 I volunteered to work with the Communications Committee to help pump content into LOPSA’s social channels. Perhaps you’ve noticed a few things appearing? Unfortunately, it’s far more likely that you’ve not noticed much change in LOPSA’s visibility on social media. LOPSA is @lopsa on Twitter, and is also on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Why…

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Philly area local LOPSA group?

There is a discussion on LinkedIn about starting a Philadelphia area LOPSA group. If you're related to network and systems administration, and are anywhere near Philly, please head over to the discussion.