Jesse Trucks Resigns from Board of Directors


To everyone:
Below is the email I sent to the LOPSA Board of Directors yesterday. I want everyone to know I am planning on leaving the board in a few days, and that I will still be involved with LOPSA.
Thank you,

Philip et al.,

I am officially resigning my seat on the LOPSA Board of Directors effective at midnight at the end of March 31, 2013.
My life and other obligations require that I no longer have enough energy and time to devote to my work on the Board. However, I will most certainly remain an active and engaged LOPSA Founding Member working with various programs and committees, as well as continuing my work with LOPSA East Tennessee and my never-ending evangelism about how awesome LOPSA is and can be in the future.
I have worked hard over the last eight years to help make LOPSA great, and I hope to continue that work in other capacities far into the future. Through LOPSA, I have worked with amazing people in many countries who have all worked hard since our formation to make real the existence of a professional association for system administrators, and I know there will be countless more working tirelessly to make LOPSA better every day.
The work for the Board of Directors is never easy, always hard, and constantly rewarding. I thank all of you for your past, present, and future service to this great organization.
The elections are now upon us, and there is, as always, much work to be done. I look forward to the stirring debates and lively discussions of election season.
With great admiration and respect, thank you,
Jesse Trucks

Jesse Trucks, GCUX


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2011 Candidate Statement: Jesse Trucks

Professionals. Trainers. Leaders. Mentors. Friends.

What do all these people have in common? They are all system administrators.

I can easily think of several examples of people fulfilling these roles among the membership of the League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA). Those of us who are already members know this. However, not everyone outside LOPSA knows this about system administrators — yet. As part of our mission here in LOPSA, we reach out to the larger community beyond the boundaries of our membership. I have worked from the moment I joined LOPSA to evangelize our message to the greater community that we serve; to educate others on our professionalism; and to improve our understanding of what it means to be a professional system administrator. I continue to do this work, and I will work ever harder at growing awareness of both our existence and our professionalism.
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SysAdmin skill categories

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SysAdmin skill matrix

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New job and job openings

After nearly six years with AT&T (formerly SBC, who purchased my original employer, Ameritech) as a Unix system administrator and security manager, I start a new job next week with IT Convergence as the Sr. System Administrator/Team Lead for a new Unix system administration team based in Madison, WI. We have openings on this team…

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