OpenIndiana 151a Host NFS Write Speed Issue with VirtualBox Bridged Guest

I recently “upgraded” my home file server to OpenIndiana 151a. It was more of a sideways migration, really, since it was previously on Solaris 10 u8.

Anyway, I noticed a big performance hit on NFS after switching to OpenIndiana. Initially I thought it was an issue with some slower disks I installed, as I also added two 3TB 5400 rpm Hitachi disks in a new ZFS mirror immediately after the migration. Further testing showed the existing 3 disk raidz pools also exhibiting the poor NFS write speed, though, so I rejected that theory.
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2011 Candidate Statement: Nadine Miller

My name is Nadine Miller; those of you who frequent the LOPSA irc channel may only know me by my nick, “vraptor.” I’ve been involved as a member in various System Administration organizations since I turned onto branch my career path. In fact, my first position as a UNIX admin was as a direct result of attending BayLISA meetings in the 1990’s, so I am fully aware of the value of a strong system administration community.

As a freshman board member, I will immerse myself in learning as much about the current members, projects, and board members of LOPSA as I can, and will pitch in to work wherever my skills and aptitudes allow. In keeping with my belief that communication skills are integral to system administrator and organizational success, I will focus on the following areas:
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