Call for Top Ten Underdocumented Tools

Every sysadmin, network admin, and DBA has their own toolbelt of vital timesavers and lifesavers they use to pull themselves out of a jam or avoid problems before they arise. Half the game is finding the good tools – the other half is sorting out how they work.

Plenty of sites help you find the tools you need but few point out the tools that would be elevated from good to great if only the documentation was as good as the tool. I aim to fix that with the first ever LOPSA Underdocumented Tool Challenge!

Send us your nominations for best underdocumented tool by July 6th, we’ll publish the top 10. The best nomination will win a prize of my choosing.
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Scaling Up

Frustration, not Necessity, is the mother of Invention. So I’m wont to think of ways I can contribute to that-what-was-once-SAGE and I’m reminded of tal & Christine’s book and the triage/stable/icing approach to operations. For example, triage is “put all your local scripts & software into version control”, stable is “build a software depot”, and…

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