How I Built and Operate a Successful LOPSA Chapter

Many people have asked me about how I started and how I run LOPSA-ETENN, so I decided to compile everything into one document. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at I'm more than happy to help anyone start a chapter, or grow an existing one.

2013 Candidate Statement

  I believe strongly that LOPSA's future lies in the support and growth of local chapters and regional conferences. As the founder of one of the most successful LOPSA chapters, LOPSA-ETENN (which averages 29 people each meeting), I know first-hand how a chapter gets built and how to make it succeed. As a LOPSA Director, I…

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LOPSA-ETENN’s First Meeting Was a Success!

It is my pleasure to report on the the inaugural meeting of LOPSA-ETENN. We met last night at space graciously provided by our first sponsor, Cafe 4. Eighteen people joined us for the meeting.

The first hour of the meeting was spent getting to know one another. Jesse Trucks opened the meeting officially at 7pm, with an introduction to LOSPA and our goals and hopes for LOPSA-ETENN. We spent 45 minutes discussing amongst the group what sorts of topics we would all like to hear. We came away with enough potential topics to fill years worth of meetings, as well as potential speakers for the next year.
The first meeting was a great success, and we anticipate plenty of growth in the next few months. We will be meeting again on July 3rd, 2012.
-Mike Julian
LOPSA-ETENN Chapter President

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