Why you need a heads-up display

This is the story of my afternoon yesterday, Friday 12/5/08. It’s a case where the simple act of “keeping an eye on things” caught an anomaly that would’ve attracted a lot of negative attention from the business and scaled it down to a slight inconvenience.
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Effect of the McColo shutdown

A colleague here at LISA told me yesterday that he had observed approximately a 50% drop in traffic on his E-mail servers. Naturally, this was first a cause for concern, but then he learned about the disconnection of McColo – a major botnet command and control hosting site in Northern California, USA. Their two up-stream ISPs pulled their plugs on Tuesday afternoon. See the story in the Washington Post.

Naturally, I experienced an immediate urge to check $employer’s anti-spam system for its observation on the situation.

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Notes from LISA 2006, Part 4

“We are still fighting the Global War on Terror with Solaris 2.5.1”

–Andrew Seely

After a few weeks of holiday season distraction, I’ve finally finished writing Thursday’s notes. This is a time when I wish I could make it look like I posted the blog entry a while ago. 😉

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Notes from LISA 2006, Part 3

Here are my notes from Wednesday afternoon… Site Reliability at Google/My First Year at Google Tom Limoncelli opened his talk by discussing three ground rules. It turns out that ground rule #2 was the most important – there were certain details he simply could not talk about. In fact, rule #2 turned out to be…

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Notes from LISA 2006, Part 2

“While I am an attorney, I am not your attorney.” –Alex Muentz This posting covers aspects my activities on Wednesday morning that I consider to be noteworthy. Keynote: Hollywood’s Secret War on Your NOC The keynote, presented by Cory Doctorow, was basically a pep rally for the EFF. It seemed to be carefully formatted to…

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Notes from LISA 2006, Part 1

“Look! He has a rave mounted to the roof of his car!”

–Murray, noticing a DC police cruiser

Sadly, LISA ’06 is just over 24 hours away from coming to a close. As usual, it has been a very rewarding experience, filled with great moments and great knowledge. In an effort to preserve more of what I’ve taken in, I’m making some notes here.

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