Is your email account the hub of your online identity?

This is a thoughtful look at our dependence on email as the hub of our online identity and the risks of a personal email account compromise. I use two factor authentication every day (RSA token) and frankly, I’d love to have a password vault for all my online passwords, that used two factor.

How Egypt turned off the Internet

Egyptian authorities “turned off the net” by forcing ISPs to withdraw BGP routes. If asked to do this in your country how would you respond?

LOPSA logos and your blogs

One topic that is sure to get our membership interested is talking about outreach, or how to let people know about LOPSA. (The other topic is the name, but that’s for another post, maybe 😛 )

One way to build “brand awareness” is rather simple: just show the logo. You don’t need to write about LOPSA (unless you want to), but just displaying the LOPSA logo on your web site will help raise awareness.

Unlike other organizations, we’re rather “open source minded” about the logo. We don’t require advance permission, we don’t want contracts, and we don’t want any control over your content in order to use our logo.

Just link it. It’s that simple. In fact, to make it even easier to “show the brand”, the wonderful LOPSA tech team have already provided the HTML in convenient cut and paste form:
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There’s lots of cloud info out there

As recently as last Summer, “real” information on using EC2 and other cloud providers was hard to come by. By “real” information, I mean accounts of actual hands-on use of clouds by system administrators. Marketing hype, CIO ROI “data”, CSO “security fears” and other low-signal information was everywhere.

Given the recent questions and discussions on LOPSA email lists, cloud isn’t going away, but there seem to be some questions about how to tell when a cloud solution is more appropriate than your own hardware or managed hosting.
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Common tasks on Windows and UNIX

I’ve been collecting information about all the places that our members are blogging, and I’m seeing an amazing amount of excellent content.

While LOPSA’s roots are in the UNIX/Linux community, many of our members are also responsible for Windows and other platforms. One aspect of being multi-platform people is knowing how to do the same kinds of tasks on all the various platforms.

Here’s a great blog where the authors take an important task, and then have UNIX and Windows experts demonstrate how to perform this task on that various platforms.

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