LOPSA Blog Migration Completed

First: If you got a note from me (Philip) saying your e-mail address on the LOPSA Blogs got changed, it wasn’t actually me.  I did initial setup on the blogs and I believe that the company doing theming and final configuration (particularly changing AUTHN/Z methods) left my personal address I used for boot-strapping the blog…

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ITU and WCIT’2012 summary by a Journalist

  With various mentions of the ITU and the WCIT this past week at LISA, here's a summary of the situation as seen from a journalist's viewpoint: In Internet freedom fight, why the ITU matters (for now) (By Danny O'Brien/CPJ Internet Advocacy Coordinator)  

Mini-gripe: Network Solutions spam

Just got e-mail from Netsol (headers check out as actually from them):

Customized email for your business. Get Philip@DOMAIN.I.ALREADY.OWN [domain name replaced] and start transforming your business with a more professional online image.

Seriously?  I already one the domain name and run the e-mail servers that answer for it.  And you're suggesting to pay you to do something I already do.  Just wow.

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IPv6 Day is here, are you ready?

If you are a sysadmin of any kind of system or network, you should at least be passingly familiar with IPv6 Day.  If not, you're living under a rock.   You might not have deployed it yet, but you should at least be familiar with how the available IPv4 addresses are vanishingly small and that…

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Don’t Mess With Grace Hopper

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper was a serious force to be reckoned with. After retiring she was also a particularly good lecturer and had effective ways of getting across points those outside the industry might not be thinking about. One of them was how she would regularly hand out 30cm pieces of wire at her talks and then later on point out that is roughly how far light travels in 1 nanosecond. We in the computing industries actually owe a lot to her and too seldom think about her era of computing history.

I was amused to see SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a web-comic that is often extremely NSFW; it is lewd and crude but in a way that points out sexism and other negative behaviours) make Grace Hopper the focus of today’s cartoon:

Panel 1 of SMBC comic featuring Grace Hopper

The webcomic may not be to your taste generally, but I hope you enjoy this one.
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2011 Candidate Statement: Philip Kizer

To start with: a few items about me, I am a current board member and also President. I have been a sysadmin for 2 decades, and in just the last decade I have been a sysadmin for a large university, for a tiny company of amazing programmers, and as support for a variety of non-profit…

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