No really, we’re going to rebuild the mentorship program

So it’s been a year since the last post. Way back, we managed to create a team of volunteers and we started working on spec’s… and we coasted to a stop.

I’m looking for someone who is will to help me manage a “restructure LOPSA’s mentorship program” project.

By “manage” I mean: Work with me coordinating documents/files/specs via GDocs, interacting via email with the project team members, probably some video calls, etc. I have many thoughts on how to carry this project through, and a general plan, etc. (Including regularly posting status updates via my LOPSA blog so anyone can lurk who is interested.)

None of these are critical, but I’d love to find someone who:
– has participated in the mentorship program ( in either role )
– is on the east coast, so we’re in the same time zone as we’ll be communicating a lot
– has basic Google docs fu and isn’t allergic to plain old email

What IS critical is a reasonable level of commitment. I expect this project will occupy SEVERAL hours each week of your time. (That’s what I’m mentally committing to.) It’s going to be critical to this project that we (the dynamic mgt duo) can always stay on top of wrangling specs, tracking down LOPSA resources (the Board has green lit this work), etc.

I’m NOT looking for a programmer (great if you can program). I just mean that the job here is to work as a two-person team managing the project.

Any takers?